A beautiful cemetery with blossoming trees


Written by Inquirer.net


A province in China is banning people from burying the dead — with the authorities going as far as to exhume and destroy coffins, in an effort to preserve land resources.


The local government of Jiangxi implemented a “zero burial” policy six months ago, as reported by South China Morning Post yesterday, July 31. The policy, which encourages residents to cremate the dead instead, is supposed to be a way for the province’s authorities to conserve land, as well as to discourage citizens from performing lavish burial ceremonies.


From the time the policy was implemented, authorities have already banned owning or making a coffin. It has been a longstanding tradition for people to have customized coffins in rural China. The tradition has numerous poor families saving up their entire lives to be able to afford the caskets. These coffins are then stored at home with the belief that it will bring “longevity and good fortune.”


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