Someone holding a teddy bear.


Written by Emma Gill, Manchester Evening News


Losing a loved one is hard no matter what your age — and we know everyone grieves in different ways.


A funeral can often bring some form of comfort and closure, particularly if a friend or relative has been poorly for some time and is finally at peace.


But when it comes to children, it seems parents are divided on whether children should attend funerals — and if so, at what age.


A recent Mumsnet thread focused on exactly that after one mum asked for parents’ views on whether to take a baby and a four-year-old to her gran’s funeral.


In it, she said: “Of her children one (my uncle) thinks children probably shouldn’t attend, whilst the other (my mum) is more inclined to think children should be included so as to demystify and so they don’t worry and imagine all sorts of weird goings on.


“I’m not sure. I’m tempted to say baby can come but four-year-old might be whingy and potentially make a scene by being bored.


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