An older couple talks to an adviser


Written By April Baumgarten, The Bismarck Tribune


Dealing with the death of a loved one can be stressful and overwhelming. A person has days to plan a ceremony that will honor a life, all while facing the prospect of saying goodbye for the last time.


There is one aspect that can be intimidating for the family of the deceased, especially if details of what the person wanted have been planned in advance: the cost of a funeral. Family members must answer a variety of questions that play a financial role in planning a funeral: deciding on a traditional funeral or cremation, picking a casket or urn, choosing a funeral home to work with, choosing flowers. Even choosing where to be buried can affect the final bill.


“It’s really kind of a, not so much of a dilemma, but a concern,” said Gregory Norman, owner of the Historic Norman Funeral Home in Grand Forks, adding the finances are a key factor in planning a funeral.


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