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Written by Matt Frazer


Each family served needs and wants something different from their funeral stationery. Frazer Consultants has the answer.


Funeral Stationery

Frazer Consultant’s new Life Journey Celebration Stationery has over 500 coordinating themes to assist client families in their life celebration. With the new print-on-demand system, using blank-stock and Frazer Consultants Tribute Center software, funeral professionals are able to provide client families with personalized funeral stationery that matches any interest, hobby, occupation, or religious background.


Each theme includes a layout for a funeral register book, memorial folder, prayer card, acknowledgment, bookmark, sign, DVD packaging, and a candle. Frazer Consultant’s Tribute Center software stores all the themes electronically. By simply inventorying the blank stock, the funeral professional can print-on-demand having what is needed, when it’s needed.


All of these customized pieces can be easily printed in-house. The funeral professional can choose to use their own printing equipment or to use Frazer Consultants. Frazer Consultants has fixed, low cost-per-page programs.


Additionally, Frazer Consultants arrangement materials help you give families the opportunity to find just the right theme in the comfort and convenience of their home using Tribute Center Online Theme Viewer. Client families can access the Online Theme Viewer from a link on the funeral home’s website. Not only will it be more convenient for you, but it will show new families how important personalization is to the funeral home.


Funeral Stationery Package Ideas

To help the funeral professional visualize the potential profit margins Tribute Center can afford them, Frazer Consultants has available what it calls the good, better, best packaging ideas. Detailing the actual cost per piece of funeral stationery and package bundle, you can detail the potential profits in a simple pdf created by the company.


A good, basic package has a suggested retail of $145. This funeral stationery package can consist of one funeral register book, 100 memorial folders, and 50 acknowledgments and envelopes. Potential profit to the funeral director is $96.52.


A better, or standard funeral stationery package, with a suggested retail of $245 would include one register book, 100 memorial folders, 50 acknowledgments and envelopes, one Life Journey funeral candle, one tribute video and four bookmarks. The potential profit for this type of funeral stationery package would be $170.22.


The best, premium funeral stationery package with a suggested retail price of $345 can include one register book, 100 tri-folds, 50 acknowledgments and envelopes, one Life Journey funeral candle, one tribute video, and four bookmarks. This funeral stationery package has a potential profit of $252.22.


Download Tribute Center for free today to create personalized funeral stationery and other mementos for the families you serve.