With over 500 funeral stationery themes to choose from, how can you use Frazer Consultants online theme viewer to help client families narrow down their selection?

Helping funeral professionals create the most personalized life celebration for client families is our number one goal here at Frazer Consultants.  Our funeral personalization software contains over 500 coordinating themes to assist your families in their funeral planning.  Using blank-stock and our Tribute Center Software, our new print-on-demand system, enables a funeral professional to provide client families with completely customized funeral stationery that matches any hobby, occupation, interest, or religious background.

But, with more than 500 funeral stationery themes to choose from, sometimes narrowing down the options can take a lot of time, unless you know how to present the options to your families.  So, where do you start?
If you are comfortable using a computer and you have a big monitor set up in easy view of the family, you can use Frazer Consultants online theme viewer.  This is an ideal tool for theme selection that was created with the funeral professional in mind.  The theme viewer allows you to search by keywords so you can quickly narrow down the selection.  For example, if the person liked animals and tennis, simply type those words into the search box one at a time.  This makes the selection process fast and easy.

Another benefit of the theme viewer is that is can be linked from the funeral homes website.  This would allow the family to make a theme selection before they even get to the funeral home, or later that evening as well.

If you’re not comfortable with a computer, you can take some time to learn about the individual during the arrangement and then use Frazer Consultants arrangement book to help with the selection.  However, presenting all 500 options to families will confuse, frustrate and take up too much of everyone’s time.  Instead, once you have a better idea of what this person’s life was all about — their hobbies, occupation, interests — you can excuse yourself, remove one or two themes from the book and present those options to the family.  When you ask them which one they would like, the choices are highly personalized and will require only a few minutes for them to decide.

Once the perfect theme is selected, you can create a completely coordinated service to include everything from the funeral register book, memorial folders, prayer cards, acknowledgements, bookmarks, signs, DVD packaging, a temporary grave marker and even funeral candles. The resulting funeral stationery will be highly personalized, completely coordinated, and professionally created.

If you have any additional questions about presenting funeral stationery themes, about our software or, any of our other funeral solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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